Back when I was young, I cannot ever remember a time when I wasn’t creating or crafting. I always have been a joiner of any art school event, contest, exhibition and art clubs. I spent most of my time drawing/painting, sculpting, accomplishing dried flower collages, recycling, decorating, and DIY’s. As I grew older, I realized that crafting for me was more than just a hobby - it was my salvation. When I engage in a creative activity, I feel completely relaxed, focused, and determined. And most importantly, it teaches me to make things from my own imagination and spending time in a purposeful way. This gave me a sense of power! The true irony is that it led to an entire career!
In late 2020, I took the leap to self-employment and used my creativity to launch my own business. I started making modern and contemporary polymer clay jewelry, allowing for the perfect opportunity to style any outfit. After a while, I inclined myself to candle making and knotting scrunchie. 
So, hello! I’m Naomi, the designer and creator behind each and every CECE piece. Each piece is meticulously handmade in small batches to maintain quality.