Knot Twist Candle

Knot Twist Candle

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Our Knot Twist Candle is beautifully shaped and the aroma is super satisfying. All our candles are scented and they throw a subtle scent even without being burnt.

We highly recommend this aesthetic piece to be an ornamental part of your home decor. Enhance the look of your powder stand, coffee table, or any other furniture piece with this candle. If you decide to light them up, please place it on a heatproof dish and monitor to avoid wax spills.


Black amber and lavender - blends musky amber and soft, heavenly lavender with sultry base of myrrh, vanilla and clary sage

DIMENSIONS: 5cm(h) x 6cm(w)



Please note that all our candles are handmade. Rarely, candles may have light "bubbles" and "frosting", which is normal and is a sign that soy wax was used to create the candle. Some color may vary making each candle unique in its own way. 

For more information, see our Policies and Care Instructions.